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      4.   Welcome to Tongda Group
        Top Products

        Shandong Tongda Machinery Co.,Ltd

        Shandong Tongda Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the state designated spinning machine manufacturers, is the vice chairman of the national industry unit. Participate in drafting industry standard unit, and obtain high-tech enterprise certificate, China patent Shandong star enterprise certificate, etc. With the right to import and export, it has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification. Products throughout the country and exported to the international market. The company's main products are FA502, FA506, FA518, FA528 cotton spinning frame and FA568 long frame with collective noil cotton spinning frame, FB501, FB505 wool spinning frame, FA721 twister, FAB807, FAB808 full-spinning ring spinning frame, FX502, FX516,FX508 flax wet spinning frame, LMH series wool burner, ME101 circular knitting machine, GD301 K144G sizing machine, K091, GD100 twister, GZW series photoelectric weft fining machine, grinding machine, BG series needle punching machine and complete sets of non-woven equipment and printing nickel screen production line and other textile machinery. Multi-performance cotton and wool spinning frame: CFA series three-roller four-ring super-large draft cotton spinning frame, JFA series compact spinning cotton spinning frame, SFA series siro spinning cotton frame, GFA series smooth spinning cotton frame, CFB505 three-roller four-ring capillary frame, ZFB505 four-roller drafting capillary frame, SFB505 siro spinning capillary More than 40 spinning machines, such as yarns, etc., have been granted the national patent protection right. 

        Add:Changyi City, Shandong Province, with the large industrial park with Avenue
        Tel:0086-536-7211692 7199899 Fax:0086-536-7211692 E-mail:xibaoknitting@126.com
        Copyright(C)2019, Shandong Tongda Group All Rights Reserved. Supported by 
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